Real Property

Document Review and Preparation

  • Real Estate Contracts & Settlements
    Let me guide you through the complex processes of creating, reviewing, or negotiating contracts to ensure the best results. Even experienced parties sometimes need assistance understanding the complex legal terminology of lengthy contracts that transfer an interest in real estate. At settlement, an attorney can make sure that your transaction goes as smoothly as possible while protecting your interests.
  • Deeds
    An improperly drafted deed can cause problems that last for decades, ultimately throwing the validity of your title into question.  I have the experience necessary to draft a deed that will ensure good title in the grantee. I also offer counsel to help you select the best form of ownership for your property, whether that be for tax purposes, small business planning, estate planning, asset protection, or long-term care planning.
  • Powers of Attorney
    A power-of-attorney can provide you with the flexibility to engage in a variety of transactions involving your property, even if you are not available at the time the documents must be signed. I can provide you with proper documents that will allow your trusted agent to act in your place to settle your affairs in the manner most convenient to you.
  • Leases
    I review and create both commercial and residential leases to maximize your benefit and protect your interests as either a landlord or a tenant. An effective lease balances the rights and responsibilities of a landlord and tenant to create a mutually beneficial legal relationship.

Sale in Lieu of Partition

This is an action used to sell property when co-owners cannot decide what to do with it. Typically a sale in lieu of partition is necessary where unmarried couples or siblings who own property jointly no longer get along, or have problems cooperating to deal with the property. A party can petition the circuit court to appoint a trustee to sell the property, dividing the proceeds amongst the owners. The court may adjust the proceeds if a party contributed more or less than their share to the property upkeep.

Ground Rent Redemption

In recent years, the problems inherent in the ground rent system have led the Maryland State Legislature to ban the creation of new ground rents. In addition, the State is encouraging redemption of existing ground rents to vest fee simple title in present leasehold owners. My experience in facilitating the redemption of existing ground rents gives me the ability to work quickly and efficiently to ensure a speedy resolution to the transaction.